Facebook Emoji/Avatar T-Shirts (Your Personal Custom Avatar/emoji)

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Free Text/Captions for your avatar/emoji!

Do you love being able to send your custom emoji's on your phone, social media or text messages?

Now you can bring your Personalized emoji's to life on a shirt! With hundreds of images that are personalized by you in the FREE Bitmoji App, you can bring yourself to life on a shirt, hoodie or Baseball Cap. You can have 1 or as many* emoji's/avatars in one deign as you want we'll even add text for FREE!

Place your order for your custom emoji T-Shirt, as soon as you receive your confirmation, reply to that confirmation email with your attached emoji(s) 

Here's how to send us your Facebook Avatar:

Tap on the Sticker icon and you will see all of your custom avatar stickers. To use one, tap on the sticker and choose either Send in Messenger or More Options. If you choose More Options, a new screen will open and will give you a wide range of sharing options, from email to your Facebook feed

Here's how to email your emoji Image from a Phone or Tablet

1. Open your choice of emoji apps. Tap an emoji
3. Tap Mail
4. Enter our email address Cooltees.us@gmail.com
5. Tap Send

emojis are created by the user, we don't create the designs, we use specialized software to be able to convert the emoji to a graphic that we can then print on a shirt. 

*White, other colors slightly higher. If you choose a color shirt that we don't think will look its best we'll let you know

You choose your own design, size and color of the t-shirt and well do the rest. If you have any questions just let us know at Cooltees.us@gmail.com

*We are not associated with nor do we represent Bitmoji or any other app that created persona Avatars* Additional emojis/avatars on a single shirt are an additional fee